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Some stuff I say or do

i’m sorry but i’m pretty sure most women would get mad if i said ‘kill all women’ whereas nobody cares when i say ‘kill all men’

everything would be great if i died

I did something very bad. I decided to take painkillers all day and it’s made me angry and violent. It’s made my mom suspicious of me. The real reason I’m upset is because I fucked everything up for myself. I spent all my money I made last year and wasted it because I’m stupid. I have to start work soon and I’m dreading it. I have to start school soon and I’m dreading it. My mom is stomping. I don’t want to exist. 

I continue to wake up every morning expecting to die. There’s nothing waiting for me in reality anymore. I’ve failed, it’s over.

i have a problem where i call people fuckers and i am okay with it because i am a fucker

all i do anymore is count down the hours until I get to go to sleep

today i got asked by a four year old if i was twenty-fifty-one. I said yes